Insect Wings (2003–2008)

or little bangs pretending to be big

Photography can reveal what the human eye can’t see. In these picture special lenses were used to magnify details of insect wings. The lighting magnifies them a second time and is a lure into a further dimension.

The print size is 40 x 60 centimetres (16 x 24 inches).

Unimportant Technical Information

Analogue Black and White, Digital Colour


35 mm Camera with Kodak Tri-X pan Film
APS-C Digital camera


1960s Leitz Summar 24 mm f/4.5 for the black and whites
1970s Leitz Photar 12.5 mm f/1.9 for some colour
1960s Zeiss Luminar 16 mm f/2.5 for some colour


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